Developing a world-class marine hub in the Orkney Islands


Orkney leading the way towards a greener future

Orkney Future Ports is one of the UK’s most significant marine energy infrastructure programmes ever undertaken.

With a heritage rich in innovation, an abundance of natural resources and a worldwide reputation in energy production, the Orkney Islands are perfectly positioned to become a major assembly centre for both fixed and floating wind structures, supporting the offshore wind industry in both the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Orkney Future Ports Projects

Orkney has a world-renowned reputation for leading innovation in energy and renewables. By improving and expanding our existing harbours and marine assets, we can meet the needs of changing markets and position the Orkney Islands as a world-leading maritime hub, open to new business and opportunity.

Our unique location and the natural marine capacity of Orkney, home to the largest natural harbour in the northern hemisphere, makes Orkney the perfect base for renewable energy developers.



Phase 1

Phase 1 is comprised of six shortlisted proposals: Facilities at Scapa Flow and improvements at Hatston, Kirkwall, Scapa Pier, Stromness and Lyness.

Leading the way on marine renewable energy

A brighter future for generations to come

Orkney Future Ports will strengthen the UK’s position for marine-based renewables in Europe and internationally with commercial collaboration and trade opportunities.

Our state-of-the-art marine infrastructure projects will enable the generation of essential green power, unlocking high-value, highly skilled jobs and opportunities not only within the local community but across the whole of the UK’s supply chain, securing the economic future of Orkney and beyond.


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