Our Orkney Community

A sustainable future for Orcadians now and the generations to come

Remote. Sleepy. Tiny. Some people use these words to describe the Orkney Islands, but we prefer to be referred to as what we are: ambitious, innovative and progressive.

We’re fiercely proud of the islands we call home and recognise the importance of stewarding the land and sea for future generations. Undertaking such radical change is no small feat, but the positive impact of Orkney Future Ports will be felt for generations.

Putting Orkney’s community at the heart of our vision

Orkney Future Ports will provide better opportunities for local people and the economy. As well as providing much-needed investment in our marine facilities and infrastructure, we’ll be able to provide more opportunities to our local supply chain and provide the right environment for new businesses to grow. 

A thriving island economy

Orkney Future Ports will provide a vital boost to our local economy. There will be greater year-round opportunities for our skilled local supply chain, better conditions for new businesses to grow, and higher footfall for local businesses as people move to the islands to work on the projects. All of this will lead to a more prosperous, stable island economy.

Better job opportunities

Not only will Orkney Future Ports safeguard existing jobs, but it will also create new ones, providing highly skilled jobs in a vast range of sectors and professions made available by users of the ports. With a greater need for diverse skills, more training and educational opportunities will arise, providing younger Orcadians more choices to pursue well-paid, professional careers right here in Orkney. 

Growing our population

Through the provision of well-paid jobs, a thriving economy, and better opportunities for our young people, Orkney Future Ports has the potential to continue the trend of repopulation in Orkney and provide the right conditions to both retain our current population and attract new residents to set up home here. 

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