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20 October 2023

Government funding injection will boost Orkney’s role in Offshore Wind

The potential within Scotland's offshore wind sector is undeniable. However, to fully realise this, ports and harbours like Orkney are in immediate need of increased investment and support.

A much-anticipated announcement

We wholeheartedly welcome the financial commitment announced by First Minister Humza Yousaf during his address at the SNP conference this week for ports and harbours over the next five years.

The Scottish Government's pledge of £500 million towards the Scottish offshore wind supply chain marks a significant leap towards this ambitious vision. With the First Minister emphasising the significance of a 'Just Transition,' this investment will not only address climate change but also present a once-in-a-generation economic opportunity. And with the successful bidders of the ScotWind offshore licensing round projecting a remarkable £25 billion boost to the supply chain over the scheme’s lifetime, it’s clear that the time for enhanced support and investment is now.

Orkney’s pivotal role in offshore wind 

Orkney has earned international recognition for its innovative approach to energy production, and with the wealth of natural resources at our disposal, Orkney Future Ports is in the ideal position to establish a pivotal assembly hub for both fixed and floating wind structures. 

Flagship projects such as Scapa Deep Water Quay will provide nationally significant deepwater facilities for the industry and support the expansion of wind farms off the coast of Scotland and Europe.

By securing the right blend of support and investment for improving and expanding our existing harbours and marine assets, we can meet the evolving demands of the market, positioning the Orkney Islands as a world-leading maritime hub which is open for business.

Benefits beyond the numbers

While figures in the millions and billions look impressive on paper, the tangible impact on our community and economy is what truly matters. With the momentum building around Orkney Future Ports, we will harness the unique relationship between our islands and the sea to drive a sustainable future for all of Orkney's residents. This all translates into greater opportunities for our skilled local supply chain, a buoyant environment for the growth of new businesses, and, naturally, job creation, all laying the foundation for a thriving island economy.

The time is now

For Orkney Future Ports, we hope this announcement signifies a firm commitment to a greener future, underpinned not merely by words but by a substantial injection of funding. An investment like this would allow us to expand our infrastructure and operations, propelling the offshore wind industry towards new heights.