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26 March 2024

Scapa Deep Water Quay on Funding Reserve List for FLOWMIS

Recently it was announced that Scapa Deep Water Quay has been placed on the funding reserve list for the Floating Offshore Wind Manufacturing Investment Scheme (FLOWMIS).

Although this means that we will not receive funding at this time, the announcement does mark a significant step forward for Orkney Future Ports. With this news, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on the positive momentum within the industry and set out how we intend to move forward with our vision to transform Orkney into a global renewables base. 

Firstly, we want to congratulate the Port of Cromarty Firth and Port Talbot for securing their places on the primary list. Their success not only underscores the growing significance of offshore wind energy to the UK economy but also highlights the strategic importance of ports and harbours to this sector.

Any investment in floating offshore wind is a win for all ports and harbours, positioning the UK as a global leader in renewable energy production. With this in mind, Orkney is committed to fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation throughout the sector. By pooling our collective expertise and resources, we can optimise efficiency and secure the long-term success of offshore wind projects - because, after all, it is only by working together that we will realise our green energy ambitions and achieve net zero targets.

What’s next for us?

Looking ahead, we remain steadfast in our commitment to building a world-class marine hub in Orkney. With an abundance of natural resources, including Scapa Flow, and a robust supply chain on our doorstep, our islands remain a great strategic location to support offshore wind assembly projects. 

Confident that the importance of our project has been acknowledged, and with other funding routes available, we are optimistic about the future and anticipate further opportunities for collaboration and advancement in this exciting sector.

And it’s not just about Scapa Deep Water Quay. Our vision for the future of Orkney extends far beyond offshore wind. With plans to expand our competitive marine tourism market and improve the infrastructure of our smaller piers and harbours, there is much to get excited about.

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