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Orkney Logistics Base

Expanding our current facilities at Hatston for growing industries

Orkney Logistics Base will be an expansion of our current quay at Hatston, able to provide berthing facilities to a range of sectors year-round.

Located north-west of Kirkwall and primarily used to host our world-renowned cruise activities, we will expand the existing quay to provide additional berth availability to support industries such as offshore wind, oil and gas, freight and aquaculture.

With additional space and quay length, Orkney Logistics Base will be able to support current operations and encourage growth across a number of other key sectors.

Orkney Logistics Base at a glance

  • 7.5 hectares of adjacent new hardstanding laydown area
  • A 300m extension to provide 685m of quay, with a 150m inner berth
  • 10m water depth
  • Facility for future ‘Roll-on, Roll-off’ lifeline ferry services
  • Boat lift facility 
  • Community amenities
  • Shoreside expansion and commercial opportunities


Orkney Islands Council Harbour Authority has applied to the Scottish Ministers for marine licences under section 20 of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 to construct and dredge for a Logistics Base Development at Hatston Harbour. Copies of the applications and associated reports can be viewed by clicking the button below.

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