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Scapa Deep Water Quay

A nationally significant deepwater quay for offshore wind

Our flagship infrastructure project, Scapa Deep Water Quay, will be a significant renewables hub supporting the expansion of wind farms off the coast of Scotland and Europe.

Situated in the safe and sheltered waters of Scapa Flow, the largest natural harbour in the Northern Hemisphere, Scapa Deep Water Quay will primarily be used to construct and assemble wind turbines. With a water depth of 15-20 metres alongside, it’ll be able to support the largest vessels as well as store large assembly components.

Cited as a nationally significant and strategic project in the Scottish Government’s Fourth National Planning Framework, Scapa Deep Water Quay will transform the delivery of offshore wind in Scotland.

Scapa Flow: A natural resource full of opportunity

The Orkney Islands boast Scapa Flow, one of the deepest natural harbours on the planet. Its vast expanse could easily accommodate the entire city of Edinburgh or 26 Heathrow Airports.

Scapa Flow holds a wealth of history, not solely as a strategic military base during both world wars but also as a hub for energy generation. This role has evolved over time, transitioning from oil and gas operations in the 1970s to its present and future focus on renewable energy.

Scapa Flow offers a wide array of options for berthing and anchoring, which will expand with the construction of the Scapa Deep Water Quay.

With its proximity to a number of key offshore wind development sites, Scapa Deep Water Quay will provide cutting-edge facilities to developers as they assemble the next generation of wind farms.

Scapa Deep Water Quay at a glance 

  • 600m of quay with a water depth of at least -15m chart datum (CD) and minimum 25-tonne ground bearing capacity
  • 135m wide dredged pocket with a water depth of -20m CD
  • 20 hectares of laydown
  • Facilities for basing Orkney Harbours’ pilot boats and tugs

A Greener Future, Starting Today

The innovative, environmentally-friendly design of Scapa Deep Water Quay will allow us to construct the project as sustainably as possible, including maximising and balancing the excavated stone from the land to form the eventual quay in the sea.


Orkney Islands Council Harbour Authority has applied to the Scottish Ministers for marine licences under section 20 of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 to construct and dredge a Harbour Facility in Scapa Flow. Copies of the applications and associated reports can be viewed by clicking the button below.

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